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250W LED Grow Journal - 9.3 oz Harvest

Quick Grow Snapshot

(This “Quick Grow Snapshot” was put together by's Nebula Haze based on an incredibly well-documented LED grow journal by our friend and fellow grower Endive)

Endive's main website: (more cannabis LED grow journals)
Youtube Channel: (regular video updates)

May 31, 2012: The plants were moved into a tent with the Pro-Grow X5-300 as soon as it arrived (they were originally vegetating under a less powerful LED grow light by the same company). Though the exact date the plants were started is unknown, the three plants were 12-16” tall when they were first put in the tent (you’ll see pictures below), which generally takes about a month or two to achieve under an LED grow light in soil.

June 23, 2012: Switched to 12-12 flowering light schedule (sorry, not sure of the exact date, but it was between June 21 & 27)

September 6, 2012: Harvest! (The 3 plants were harvested one-by-one throughout the week, with the 3rd plant being taken down on the 6th)

Click here to learn more about the Pro-Grow X5-300 LED grow light for growing cannabis
Learn more about the Pro-Grow X5-300 LED panel

The lamp has selective spectrum switching, allowing it to run Veg (blue), Bloom (red) independently at 1/2 power or have both spectrums on simultaneously at full wattage.

All 3 plants were originally vegged under a Pro-Grow 260 (I'm using the early 2011 model) which is a 180W LED grow panel from the same company. One could easily grow a few plants from seed under the single X5-300 light - it even has a special Vegetative mode that only uses half the total wattage specifically made for vegetating plants.

Flowering Stage: 75 days (2 months, 14 days)
Total Time Under Pro-Grow X5-300: 108 days (3 months, 16 days)

Note: The 3 plants were 12-16” when first placed under the Pro-Grow X5 (they were extras from the vegging tent under a smaller LED from the same company), so consider that one would need to add about an extra month or two of vegging to get the “full time” for this grow, as reflected below.

Total Estimated Time - Seed to Harvest:
145 days (4 months, 23 days)

Final Yield
9.3 oz

Grams per watt: Over 1 gram/watt! For those into grams per watt, this grow journal with the Pro-Grow X5 was roughly 0.8 grams per watt when it came to just the fat (high-appeal) tops & colas. When you also count the medium buds and nuggets (which were compact and covered in trichomes), you get just over 1 gram per watt (1.056 grams/watt).

On top of that main yield, there was an additional 1.4 ounces of airy buds which were collected from the bottom of the three plants. These airy buds were not included in the final yield weights.

Total Dry Bud Weight:

Main Yield: 9.3 ounces (264 g)
Airy buds (not included in main yield): 1.4 ounces (38 g)


Preview the entire grow in less than 4 minutes!



Which LED model should I get from Pro-Grow for my grow space?

Matching the right lamp(s) for the space is crucial. A rough ballpark...

3'x2' Grow Space

3'x3' Grow Space

4'x3'+ Grow Space

If you have specifics on your grow area that would be helpful in determining the proper lamps for best coverage. The people at Pro-Grow will be able to help guide you to find the right lamp for your space, or ask Endive himself via his website or Youtube channel. There's more info about finding the right Pro-Grow for your space below the journal.

Let's get started!

Huge cannabis cola grown under a 250W LED grow light - Strain is Bubblelicious


Growing With the Pro-Grow X5-300 Selective Switch (formerly known as the Pro-Grow X5 prototype)

by Endive

Endive's main website:
Youtube Channel:


Vegetative Stage - or jump directly to the flowering stage

Something wicked this way comes…
May 31, 2012

50 X 5 watt LEDs, High Output LED chip-sets, Quiet cooling system, Ass-kicking output…

Here's a picture of a White Widow & 3 Bubblelicious clones which were veging under a smaller LED grow light by the same company. They have just been moved under the Pro-Grow X5 and as you can see they now have copious amounts of LED lighting.

Pro-Grow X5-300 LED grow light, 5 Watt chips.

Power, Performance, Value in an LED grow light - testing on real cannabis plants!

Nice fit & finish with smooth, quiet operation. Definitely from the higher end of the quality scale!


LED Grow Light Fun – 50 x 5 watt Chip-sets
June 1, 2012

For the past week, I’ve been running a new light that utilizes 50 x 5 Watt, high-output chip-sets. I’m not going to get into specifics of chip-sets and wattage, as still people argue whether “1 watt LEDs” are better than “3 watt 3 diode LEDs” vs “3 watt, single diode LEDs”… It never ends.

I’ve used lamps with 1 watt LEDs, a mix of 1 and 3 watt LEDs, straight up 3 Watt LEDs, even HPS and have grown some mighty fine plants with all of them. A 5 watt chip-set should prove no different and could offer up some intense output. Focused lenses like the ones found on this LED panel diffuse light to broaden coverage and also concentrate it as well for intense penetration.

LED grow light called Pro-Grow X5 - Full Spectra & 5 watt chipsOut of the box the initial build quality of this lamp is quite fine. It’s definitely a “high-end” lamp in every way, even in comparison to some of the very high quality LED lamps I use regularly.

The dimensions of the LED panel itself is 19" long x 12.5" wide x 3" deep and it weighs 18 pounds.

In addition to the boosted 5-watt LED chip-sets, this lamp is also running focused convex lenses in an array of specifically selected angles.

Convex lenses are nothing new, a few vendors have been using them for a while now and really talking them up. Enough time and trials have passed and most of the marketing hype has died down, so I thought it a good time to take a look at the benefits if any.

5 watt LED grow light - A look at the fans that keep the lights cool

One of 3 fans (and the largest) cooling our 5 watt LED grow light - Very Nice!!!

The lamp’s cooling set-up is very well done! There is a 3 fan system that utilizes one large fan in the center of the unit with two smaller fans on either side. Very logical, as the largest proportion of heat is concentrated towards the center: Larger fan = more airflow @ lower speed = quiet operation.

With the kind of light intensity that’s put out, the lamp runs warm but definitely not hot. With only a circulation fan in the tent, and with the ambient room temperature at 78°F, the warmest the interior of the tent gets is 84°F. I’m comfortable with that, as the canopy temp is actually much lower.

Pro-Grow X5 - LED grow light - 5 watt chipsetWith 5-watt LED chips (50 x 5 watt), there are far fewer chips on the unit than your average unit which uses many 1 or 3-watt LED chips, but their size with the lenses look impressive.

From the moment I first turned it on, I had a feeling this lamp will really be different in terms of sheer usable light output/per watt. Thus I’m starting the lamp  (full spectra) at 20 inches above the plant tops for the first few days and from there, will gauge whether or not to reposition the height.

The company, Pro-Grow, recommends this light panel be kept no closer than 18 inches for best results.

Left: Blue 'Veg Spectra' mode                      Right: Red 'Bloom Spectra' mode

Pro-Grow X5 LED light on "Veg Spectra"Pro-Grow X5 LED light on "Bloom Spectra"

In the red 'Bloom Spectra" the 5 watt LEDs have intense output. Even in the blue 'Veg Spectra' mode, light coverage is amazing.

When they are both turned on at full spectra the 50 x 5 watt LEDs are quite saturating and the light appears purple.

Cannabis plants under Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light turned to full spectra

The light emitted by these 5 watt LEDs can be “felt” from several inches away. With eyes closed, if you ran your hand within 8 inches or so under lamp, you would definitely be able to feel the light. Very cool! Once you get past 12 – 14 inches the differing spectra all seem to blend together.

Below: An approximation of the full spectra LED lighting by the human eye (well my eye anyway).

What the cannabis plants look like to the human eye under LED grow lights

Oh, before anyone razzes me about the haggard appearance of these 3 Bubblelicious cuttings, I meant to do it!

Actually, I just transplanted them from 16 oz plastic cups where they have resided since early March of this year into one gallon pots. I will most likely move them into 3 gallon smartpots prior to going 12/12.

The 3 cuttings were nearly 16 inch tall in 16 oz plastic cups… This helped to keep their profile thin, this phenotype tends to get very wide, but I am hoping to train them to be slightly tall-ish plants as well, to test for depth/penetration of what these 5-watt LEDs can do.

Lets give it a week and see how it goes!


Actually we didn’t even need a week, the plants responded noticeably to being transplanted into 1 gallon smartpots, within a day… The 3 Bubblelicious really perked up the first day. I decided to toss in a White Widow mother to nurse back to health, and possibly bloom along with the Bubblelicious.



X5 LED Grow Light – Week 2
June 4, 2012

This post blends the end of last week (Week 1) into the start of this week, week 2.

Our first few days of getting to know the parameters of this new light was met with much satisfaction and a little concern.

LED grow lights raised to maximum height because they were overbrightAll the plants responded well to the new lighting and showed instant results with booming new vegetative growth in all directions; White Widow bushed out like mad, and continues with dense inner growth, all three Bubblelicious cuttings shot up a good 4 – 6 inches, almost instantaneously.

During week 1 in the tent, lights were raised to maximum by necessity.

Potential issues arose when the canopy got within 16″ of the lamp. Growth was still rapid, but the leaves began curling and showing signs of stress.

Raising the lighting up to 24″ alleviated the overzealous growth and potential light bleaching problems. As I said, these LEDs are intense!

In just days, the canopy has thickened with dense, wide growth. Growth explodes upwards, 16" to 20" in no time flat!

The cannabis canopy thickened almost immediately under the LED grow lightsGrowth explodes upwards under these LED grow lights

My next concern was space.

Having just transplanted 3 of 4 plants, I hadn’t anticipated a big growth spurt for at least a week, but the plants responded much sooner.

Seeing as how I needed to keep at least 18″ – 24″ between the plant tops & the light, I opted to move the ladies and the light to an open 3.75′ x 3.75′ area at the room’s end, where there is plenty of vertical & horizontal growth space.

Dark shadows on the leaf under the LED with the X-lens appear illuminatedOne thing I have noticed is the improved light saturation.

Looking down into the canopy, with exception to the deepest areas there are no solid shadows. Light of varying spectra coveres individual leaves down low under the canopy.

Perhaps due to the selective angle lenses, "dark shadows" are illuminated (and nearly eliminated) with multispectral lighting.

June 4, 2012 - Week 2

The 5 watt LED chip-sets and lenses are cranking out some serious intensityAs week 2 begins, the ladies are in a larger space with room to grow & bloom. The two Bubblelicious in 1 gallon pots will be transplanted to 3 gallon pots later in the week, meanwhile we’ve began supercropping & LST to keep heights in check and bush those bag-girls out.

The 5 watt LED chip-sets and lenses are cranking out some serious intensity

The growth was enough to force me to move the ladies into larger accommodations.

The cannabis plants were getting crowded in the tent under the LED grow lightA close-up of the White Widow under the LED grow light

From 19" wide just days ago, White Widow is expanding and taking up any open space.


X5 LED Grow Light – Week 3
June 14, 2012

A quick update on our X5 – 5 watt chipset LED Grow Light… This thing is producing wonderful results in vegetation! Between the White Widow mother and the 3 Bubblelicious clones, they all have exhibited a boost in new growth and are really beginning to fill in.

All 3 Bubblelicious are now in 3-gallon pots, none showed any signs of transplant shock or stress, growth has been seamless.

The White Widow though has really exploded, it may be due to being a mother plant and not having been transplanted, but I have noted, some plants/strains take better to certain lights.

The White Widow is very happy under the LED grow lights so farThe White Widow cannabis plant really seems to be taking well to this LED panel in veg

Even after transplanting, new growth was immediate. The White Widow has really taken to the X5′s spectral output.

I think I mentioned in the Youtube video that when we switch to 12/12 (bloom), one of the Bubblelicious plants will be moved out and bloomed under different lighting, sort of as a control plant.

Also, the need to either prune/thin the White Widow, or tak a few more cuttings may become necessity, though I might wait until early bloom to assess bud development on the lower branches, I’ve a feeling the light penetration of the X5 LED grow light will step quantity on the harvest… but now I’m just getting way ahead of things…

Even after heavy LST, the plants shoot right back upThey are quickly bushing out as well, quickly consuming and open space.

Even after heavy LST, the plants shoot right back up. They are quickly bushing out as well, quickly consuming and open space.

I may start 12/12 as early as this week, the phenotype of both strains tent to stretch a good amount. Not as much as Jock Horror (Jack Herer), but enough to quickly over grow the area if I’m not paying attention.

Be well everyone!


X5 LED Grow Light – Week 4
June 21, 2012

Week 4 of vegetation (18/6) under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light…

…and probably the final week of veg.

Current Stats
All plants in 3 gallon pots - soil

Earth Juice – Grow, Bloom, Micro,
Supplements: Hygrozyme, Earth Juice Catalyst

Bottom of containers to top of plants – about 25″
Top of plants (canopy) to LED lamp – about 24″

At these parameters, I’ve got a solid 1 square meter grow area all but saturated. Vegetative growth has been abrupt enough that I removed the largest of the Bubblelicious, leaving it’s two cloned siblings and our white widow mother under the X5. This particular Bubblelicious phenotype really likes to get bushy.

The X5 is cranking out a lot of light energy and the convex lenses concentrate it in to a well defined footprint. And that may be its only shortcoming.

Week 4 - cannabis plants growing under LED grow lightThose same cannabis plants under regular lighting

An abundance of light for the space, the X5 is saturating the 1 square meter area. We’ve got growth in all directions!

Week 4 - light saturation deep into the cannabis canopyThose same cannabis plants under regular lighting

The light from the X5 LED saturates the inner growth areas.

There has been just prolific growth during vegetation under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light.

We’ll no doubt be switching over to 12/12 very soon, our next video edition will be at Week 1 Bloom! Check back to see how well the Pro-Grow X5 Blooms & Buds!!!

A view of the plants under the Pro-Grow X5-300 LED grow light


Flowering Stage

X5 LED Grow Light – Week 1 Bloom
June 27, 2012

Last week we removed 1 of the Bubblelicious for space concerns, it was a good call as growth during our first week at 12/12 is looking great! The branches have suddenly shot up with aggressive vertical growth. I wouldn’t call it “stretch” as the nodes and spacing are tight & plentiful, though.

Bubblelicious begins to bud under LED grow lights

The first Bubblelicious buds begin to bloom under the LED grow light

On Saturday, I had to raise the lamp up about 3 inches (I’ve maybe 6 to 8 inches more of space to the ceiling), keeping the canopy at a 26″ distance. From here, I’m just letting the plants grow and bud up towards the light. I am concerned that anything too close will get light bleaching, but I need to find out how close matured plants can/should get to the LEDs on the X5.

Using differing trim & thin techniques, we should get a good idea of how well the X5 saturates.

Thinning and trimming techniques have been used to get a good idea of how the Pro Grow X5 LED light saturates

I also did a quick trim & thinning of the lower, and inner growth. But not too much though, I do want to see how far the lighting penetrates the canopy to produce dense inner growth. I trimmed both Bubblelicious quite differently, one has a lot of inner & lower growth, the is trimmed a bit higher.

Far back: 1 White Widow, Upfront: 2x Nirvana BubbleliciousPicture to Left: Far back: 1 White Widow, Upfront: 2x Nirvana Bubblelicious

At 24" - 26″ above the canopy, the light coverage at canopy height is about 3 ft x 2ft. At the floor (about 54″ below the X5) , the footprint is about 3.5 x 3.

At 26″ distance, the foot print is a solid 3′ x 2′ at the plant tops.

Even with 6 feet of grow height in the space, as the plants continue to push upward, head room becomes a concern if I need to raise the light another 6 – 8 inches before all is said and done.

I am impressed with the X5 LED grow light’s abilities to keep growth fast & aggressive and keep node spacing tight, even deep down. Now as we transition into bloom, the X5 LED will really be put through the paces. I expect no less than stellar results!

A view of the 3 cannabis plants under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light


X5 LED Grow Light – Week 2 Bloom
July 5, 2012

Mid-week 2 of bloom and all is well! Better than well really, as all three plants (1 White Widow and 2 Bubblelicious) are in the midst of an exceptional growth and bloom spurt.

Week 2 Flowering - White Widow budWeek 2 Flowering - Bubblelicious bud

On the left is the White Widow at week 2 of bloom, bud growth is fast & furious. On the right is one of the Bubblelicious buds beginning to fatten up, both Bubblelicious plants have aggressive bud growth & early trichomes.

The White Widow is an older mother from seed we are retiring and her quick bloom is no surprise, but the continual “stretch & fill” growth has created a thick, and dense canopy with multiple tight node branches gaining height.

Both Bubblelicious are from cutting, but bloomed as quickly as the Widow. Their growth pattern is far different, as they are ‘thickening’ and branches really filling in and bushing out. This growth pattern is preferred (IMHO) as it allows for large growth but still allows for lots of light to penetrate down into the lower parts of the branches, unlike the Widow which I fear may choke itself out and need some pruning or defoliation of some type.

Both plants are displaying early trichomes and aggressive budding. The coming weeks should prove very interesting.

In my previous experience with this Bubblelicious phenotype, is that is it quite sensitive and easily prone to micro-nutrient deficiencies. The Widow tends to get a little haggard looking by the 10th week of budding. I am really hoping to use all my skills to keep these as green & healthy throughout the remainder of the grow.

The fantastic light penetration from the X5 LED seems to allow for deep bud development, especially compared to some other LEDs.

Next up, Week 3 of bloom! Check back!!!

The penetration of the Pro-Grow X5-300 provides for deep penetration, so you get buds going down for several inches under the top canopy


X5 LED Grow Light – Week 3 Bloom
July 12, 2012

(probably my worst vid yet… but the plants are looking fab!)

This morning I strongly debated lowering the LED panel. But I want to see the light work from practical, theoretical max distances. Lowering would also limit light coverage on the taller outer branches, as the X-Lens really focus the light tightly. My method is more to set the lamp at a defined "footprint" (say 3.5' x 2.5') where the plants start off in the lower mid range lighting and grow upward through veg and into the prime lighting zone through bloom.

Mid-week 3 of bloom and growth is good! The X5 light penetration thus far appears to be developing strong colas down in the 6″ – 9″ range beneath the canopy and a little deeper directly under the lamp, though time will truly tell.

Light penetration from the Pro-Grow X5 LED panel is allowing for a forest of 6 – 9″ colas

The light penetration from the Pro-Grow X5 is allowing for a forest of 6 – 9″ long colas.

Week 3 bloom under the Pro-Grow X5, White Widow is looking good!The White Widow [pictured to right] has begun to branch out further now into a “dark spot” (area just shy of prime light) to adjust, I have been moving the plant’s positions under the lamp every few days, as well as rotating them 90-180º once a day, but no real branch training or defoliation other than “Leaf Weaving” (tucking & weaving fan leaves behind and under bud sites Rather than removing the leaf).

Current Feeding Schedule:
Sunday: Major nutrient dose
Monday-Tuesay: pH 6.7 water as needed
Wednesday: Alternating weekly supplements
Friday-Saturday: pH 6.7 water as needed

Averaging watering is a quart a day, and two on feeding days.

We’re using Hydro-Organics Earth Juice – Grow, Bloom, Meta-k, MicroBlast and Catalyst

Closer up White Widow is looking even better!White Widow, the oldest and most budded in the group of the three and has started showing early phosphorus deficiency. I gave her a soil mixed dose of Rainbow Mix Bloom with Mycorrhizae & Humic Acid (N1.00% – P9.00% – K2.00%) and watered spiked it in.

Our Bubblelicious plants are already forming a layer of sparkly trichomes, this strain really seems to like the X5 LED!

I hope to keep all 3 in prime health until harvest day! I know that’s like “duh!” a “no-brainer” but it is easier said than done sometimes.

My rule of thumb as to trimming beneath the canopy is that if the node supports a healthy shoot AND it has a supporting fan leaf in contact with direct light, then it stays.

Check back next week!

edited: P.S. – Thanks for the emails! I’ll remember to snap more “natural color” pics next update


X5 LED Grow Light – Week 4 Bloom
July 19, 2012

The Buds are blooming! Week 4 of 12/12

Week 4 – Bubblelicious buds well under the Pro Grow X5 LED grow light - this strain of cannabis really seems to like these lightsJust a quick recap, this is an LED Medical Marijuana Grow featuring Nirvana White Widow & Bubblelicious entering week 4 of budding under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light.

Undergrowth on the White Widow is looking better since bumping up her nutrients last week.

I did finally opt to lower the X5 LED lamp about 3 inches, avg. distance is now about 18″.

While it may not seem like much, the increased intensity is noticeable on the cola tips, though it does trim the illuminated area by a bit, I am working to compensate this by more frequent rotations of the plants themselves as well as their positions under the lamp.

White Widow cannabis cola - Week 4 of flowering under LED grow light - One of the best looking specimen yetThis only becomes an issue when the plants become too large to move.

From our first run of this Bubblelicious phenotype I know it can have a tendency to run into potassium lock-up/deficiency, but thus far experience is paying off and plants looking well!

I love growing the same cuttings under varying conditions. Sometimes they are all consistent, no matter what. Other times some they will produce different aroma and scents, or colors.

Tune in next week for “Week 5 – Bloom!”


X5 LED Grow Light – Weeks 5-6 Bloom
July 30, 2012

1 Nirvana White Widow & 2 Bubblelicious in a medical cannabis LED grow...

Today I'm covering weeks 5 – 6 of budding under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light.

My apologies on missing last week’s update… There are a lot of cool grows coming down the line here. I think our next featured grow will be a seed to bud, autoflower garden with 3 World of Seeds, Northern Lights x Big Bud Stay under a new and really kick-ass lamp… Stay tuned!!!

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

The Pro-Grow X5 LED Garden – Week 6 of bloom:

The Pro-Grow X5 LED Medical Cannabis Garden – Week 6 of bloom

This is a merge of last week & this, and as we’ve been following the two Nirvana Bubblelicious as their buds swell up, this week I thought our primary focus would be the White Widow , also from Nirvana Seeds.

With another 3-4 weeks to go before harvest, the White Widow is blooming beautifully under the Pro-Grow LEDs.

With another 3-4 weeks to go, White Widow blooms beautifully under the Pro-Grow LEDsAfter bumping up her nutrients, this particular White Widow is blooming to be the nicest specimen of this cutting I’ve grown yet, but there are still several weeks left to go and I don’t want to jinx anything.

Since nearly doubling her nutrients growth has been nice, green and consistant, though the colas on the Bubblelicious are much fatter overall, White Widow’s are no less stunning with über dense bud structure, very high calyx to leaf ratio, make for lean mean, long green colas.

In contrast, the Bubblelicious colas are fattening right up under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light:

Bubblelicious colas are fattening right up under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light

Though there are still several weeks to go, I can say that I am really blown away by the results of the Pro-Grow X5. The plants are larger and doing better in the space than I had estimated.

The combined output power of the 5-watt chip-sets and the X-Lens is impressive, but where I think Hydroponics Hut really got it right is on the spectra! I’ve used brighter LEDs, I’ve used higher wattage LEDs, but for what the X5 can do in its space, well, I’ll let the plants speak for themselves.


X5 LED Grow Light – Week 7 Bloom
August 14, 2012

White Widow colas mature beautifully under the Pro-Grow X5 LED lampThe overwhelming smell in this grow space is just incredible now.

The White Widow has begun to slow up on water intake, older & lower leaves are becoming weathered, white pistils begin to orange at a quickening pace as the weight of the buds begin to sag the branches.

The White Widow looks to be a solid finisher in the next week or two, and I am eager to get her dried, cured & on the scale.

With the least effort (by me), I already believe this is the largest of the Widows I’ve grown from this line of cuttings.

White Widow, looking (and smelling) diggity-dank at week 7 of budding!

Even though it's week 7 of budding, there's still no signs of slowing down with the Bubblelicious colas!

Week 7 of flowering under the LEDs, there's still no signs of slowing down!

Running 5 watt chip-sets & focused lenses, light penetration is a non-issue for the Pro-Grow X5Both Bubblelicious are in a furious bloom as for every pair of pistils that goes orange, they’re pushing out a dozen more new trichome coated calyxes with new white pistils emerging.

Their water/nutrient consumption has not slowed in the least. The colas are heavy & the plants lean drastically, so I staked up the main stems only, supporting the plants but letting the branches sag & open up to more light where space is permitting.

Though I normally harvest this strain in the 8-10 week range, with the extending, boosted budding of both Bubblelicious (cuttings from the same mother), I have no issues letting them run a little longer.

Even the sagging side branches provide thick buds all the way down.Even the sagging side branches provide thick buds all the way down.

With little to no canopy management other than the LST in veg, it is a jungle in there. I cannot say enough as to how I am impressed at the ability of the Pro-Grow X5 to not only produce thick colas up top, but get the light down a good way below the main tops and produce dense lower AND inner budding.

My initial issue with the footprint of usable light has been alleviated by the power, intensity and thus far performance!

It is quite possible to get a larger grow area than I have with this lamp, via a better managed space, or by utilizing a SOG/ScrOG.

A few weeks to go, the buds keep getting fatter!Growing thick colas has never been easier.

I can only imagine what a few DWC/hydro buckets under the Pro-Grow X5 would do! Hmmm…

Later that week….

Take a look at the fat Bubblelicious buds under the Pro-Grow X5!

Huge cannabis cola grown under a 250W LED grow light - Strain is Bubblelicious

Couldn’t resist a quick extra update!


X5 LED Grow Light – Week 8 bloom
August 24, 2012

The 3 plants under our Pro-Grow X5 at week 8 Bloom

The 3 plants under our Pro-Grow X5 at week 8 Bloom

It’s a mass of sagging colas in week 8 of bloom under the Pro-Grow X5.

White Widow Week 8 Bloom, Pro-Grow X5Dense buds weigh down the branches of the White Widow.

This is the last run of this White Widow cutting. She is a dense & dank plant, very forgiving (easy to grow), but just not the phenotype I want. While popular among a few of the patients I assist, I know I can do better.

I’d mentioned somewhere that this is the best smelling batch of Bubblelicious to come from this batch of clones, well the Widow is one of the most putrid, oily/fuel, smelling of the bunch of Widows as well.

Since my soil and nutrients are basically the same as prior grows, I’d have to attribute some of this to the Pro-Grow X5′s spectral output.

Here’s a side cola from one of the Bubblelicious blooming under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light.

Bubblelicious side-cola close up

Fat-Ass Bubblelicious colas up top!

Bottle for size reference - Fat-Ass Bubblelicious colas up top! This strain just loves the LED grow panel so far!

These thick buds should max-out in the coming days prior to harvest.

Solid bud growth on lower branches under the LEDs, tooFor the size of the lamp, the illuminated footprint from the PG-X5 seems somewhat constricted, however focus & intensity are where things seem to shine. Up top the bud growth is fast, furious, big and bold.

Good light penetration = Happy buds down low too!

I hope to have a better idea as to when we’ll harvest, but at soonest, I figure end of August, or early September… Check back!


Pro-Grow X5 LED – Week 9-10 Bloom - Harvest!!!
September 6, 2012

White Widow

Our White Widow is a little on the rough side, but prime for harvest:

White Widow cannabis plant at harvest - grown completely under LED grow lights

Earlier in the week the White Widow was cut. Once I got her out of the tent, I realized how haggard she had become over over that last week and a half.

White Widow cola at harvest - this was about the median size of the White Widow colasI need to keep a better eye on my plants with more frequent inspections, especially late in the bloom cycle. A little more attention to detail will prevent much heartache & frustration in the long run… (Self-pity rant complete).

I made the decision only to count the harvested tops, I want to do a little screen hash project with the lower, more airy buds.

The side branch pictured to the right was about the median cola size on this White Widow cut.

Bubblelicious #1

Bubblelicious #1 – Week 9 going into 10 Bloom, Harvest time!

Bubblelicious #1 cannabis plant at harvest - grown completely under LED grow lights - huge top colas!

A few days later (this past Sunday), it was the Bubblelicious’ turn for harvest. Beyond some weird foxtailing tips, this crop of Bubblelicious like others before it, did not disappoint! The Pro-Grow X5 allowed the plants to produce fat, long, trichome coated colas as always and without doing much different from previous Bubblelicious grows, the buds look “lush”!

Bubblelicious plant #1 cola at harvest - the Pro-Grow LED light produced surprisingly dense and lush top colasThe Bubblicious plant - With better branch/stem training & good reflective sidewalls, I believe the yield could be improved by 20%.

I think now that I have the range of the Pro-Grow X5 dialed in, the future looks fat, sweet & sticky!!!

Previously it was noted that this Bubblelicious phenotype does not have the coveted “Pink Bubblegum” trait, but this batch is the sweetest smelling of any harvested. I look forward to an “after curing” tasting.

I think if I had trained the plants for more tops & vertical growth, rather than lateral, overall budding would have been improved.

Bubblelicious #1 cannabis plant at harvest - a look at the trichomes up close

But I’m not complaining…

Bubblelicious #1 – Tops Only

Bubblicious harvest under LED grow light - Just the top colas!

Left: Closeup of the main colas            Right: Bubblelicious #1 remains

Another view of those amazing top colasThe remains of the Bubblelicious #1 after the main tops are all harvested

Bubblelicious #2

Lastly but not leastly (yes, I made up a word) Bubblelicious #2, which was perhaps the best looking of the budded trio, but in a few days the dried weights will tell the story.

It is interesting how cuttings from the same plant can still have slight variations from one another. Plant #1 just seemed to really take well to the grow and stand out as the nicest.

Bubblelicious #2 – Week 10 Bloom, Harvest time!

Bubblelicious #2 cannabis plant at harvest - grown completely under LED grow lights - huge top colas!

Amazing trichomes on the Bubblelicious #2 - The Pro-Grow X5 was able to get ample light down where it counted!

Bubblelicious #2 colas are covered in glittery trichomes

Overall, for very little effort (on my part anyway, good nutrients with Nirvana’s genetics and Hydroponics Hut’s LEDs did all the heavy lifting) I am content. I will wait to see how our “Top” harvest weighs in before becoming too emotionally vested. Oops, too late!

Bubblelicious #2 – Tops Only

Bubblicious #2 plant harvest - Just the top colas!

One of the bigger tops on the Bubblelicious #2 cannabis plant grown under the LED grow light by Pro-GrowCloseup and size comparison of Bubblelicious #2 colas (compare them to the size of a dollar bill)

I’d say by late this week, we should be ready to weigh then settle in for a period of jar curing… See ya soon!


Pro-Grow X5 LED – After Harvest Weights…
September 19, 2012

Quick Review of the Whole Grow in Pictures

I ran this as a “just the basics grow”, no extra nutrients or supplements, no thinning or defoliation with only minimal lollipopping (removal or lower growth that is obviously not getting enough light), nothing more beyond basic LST and bending in mid/late veg. This was what I’d consider to be an “average” grow in the hands of just about anyone.

I had a few issues here & there but nothing detrimental. Space was the main item, as the plants grew exceptionally well under the Pro-Grow X5, with 3 plants it was a bit too much of a jungle.

Two plants the size of out Bubblelicious or one large plant would have had better production efficiency in the space.

The White Widow

White Widow Week 8 Bloom, Pro-Grow X5With the White Widow, I was a little disappointed with the end results.

As you can see to the left, the actually quality of her buds were great, but she just didn't produce the way I hoped and expected for.

I feel it was more a genetic issue as I’ve not had a standout phenotype from that particular batch, come to think of it, I don’t know why I kept her cuttings around as long as I did.

The White Widow plant was also kept to the edge of the garden area for the most part compared to the Bubblelicious plants which were doing much better, and though the 4 – 5 top inches of most of the White Widow colas were solid, much of her inner & lower buds dried & finished airy and therefore weren’t counted in the combined total below. The lower airy buds are still covered in trichomes and I plan to use them to make hash.

Here's a look of the top colas and main buds from the White Widow after they were dried (the airy buds from the bottom of the plant aren't in the jar and I did not count them in the total yield weights).

LED-grown White Widow buds in a jar

The Bubblelicious Duo

A bounty of buds from Bubblelicious #2 - Here are Bubblelicious Buds in a jar with a lighter for size reference - These buds were grown completely under LED grow lights!Both Bubblelicious plants produced well.

Learn more about the Bubblelicious strain by Nirvana

After manicuring, the smaller-mid sized pieces were added back to the larger group & reweighed, it is safe to say, within a 1m x 1m space, with basic grow methodologies & a good strain, the X5 can grow & bloom a legit 1/2lb. in 90 – 120 days.

The cured Bubblelicious buds sparkle [pic] from within the jars, they are so covered in trichomes.

I do believe based on a harvest weight per square foot, this is the best results I’ve done in any similar space with any lighting.

Considering the power consumption of the Pro-Grow X5-300 unit is just 250w (full illumination mode), then this grow delivered very well compared to other LED grow lights in my experience.

I produced 6.5 ounces (185 g) total of just the big top buds and colas, not even counting the compact medium buds and nugs. In total, the BBL1 had 2.5 ounces, BBL2 had 2.1 ounces, and WW had 1.9 ounces of final dry yields from just main colas.

For those into grams per watt, this was roughly 0.8 grams per watt if you count just the top colas.

If you’re looking at total yield weight, including the compact medium buds and nuggets, the yield was just over 1 gram/watt! That’s impressive even for an HPS grow light, and especially considering this was one of my more “neglected” grows. I’m so impressed with the X-lens technology and 5-watt chipset when it comes to making a difference in the grow room.

The Dried Weights

I cound the “main yield” as tops & colas, as well as medium buds and nuggets (including only heavily trichomed and compact nugs).

Bubblelicious #1

  • Main Yield: 3.8 ounces (108 g)
  • Airy buds: 0.3 ounces (8 g)

Bubblelicious #2

  • Main Yield: 3.6 ounces (102 g)
  • Airy buds: 0.4 ounces (10 g)

White Widow

  • Main Yield: 1.9 ounces (54 g)
  • Airy buds: 0.7 ounces (20 g)

Total Dry Weight:

Main Yield: 9.3 ounces (264 g)
Airy buds (not counted in main yield): 1.4 ounces (38 g)

In retrospect…

A sweet Bubblelicious nugget…The X5-300 LED light is in an interesting class, while using the same amount of electricity, the X5-300 is much more intense/focused than the PG-400 (and a higher price tag) - it has a smaller and more focused coverage area.

I believe in a fixed space, say 40″ x 30″, with 1 large or 2 med plants maximum, done in a SOG style would be killer.

Keeping the Pro-Grow X5 lamp at the maximum effective ‘distance to footprint’ in budding is key to this one, as the light intensity straight down is solid, but the edges beyond the main footprint fades quickly.

If you have a fixed space, anywhere from 9 to 14 square feet (3×3 to 3.75×3) and cannot take advantage of the larger coverage area of the Pro-Grow 400, the Pro-Grow X5-300 will be the best for a more intense but smaller area.

As mentioned previous, the 3 plants at the size we bloomed worked out overall, but the outer edges didn’t quite get the same light intensity. Outer lower branches after drying were a little airy, but within the “prime light zone” budding was thick & deep. With a more finite area and consistent top heights, lollipopping the outer branches to produce 3″-4″ tall buds on the edges, and letting the inner branches bud all the way down, one could easily produce colas every 4 square inches, 8 – 10″ tall in the deepest part of the sea, tapering out to the 3″-4″ lollipopped edges.

Hindsight is so clear at the end of the grow on what “could have” improved results.

 About Endive:

This grow journal was brought to you by Endive, the creator of Endive is dedicated to helping new growers learn about using LED grow lights for growing cannabis. He has lots of great resources available if you would like to learn more about LEDs and see more of his complete cannabis LED grow journals.

Main website:

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Learn More About LED Grow Lights by Pro-Grow

These LED grow lights are tested on real cannabis plants!

Click here to learn more about the Pro-Grow X5-300 LED grow light for growing cannabis
Learn more about the Pro-Grow X5-300 LED panel


Which LED model should I get from Pro-Grow for my grow space?

Matching the right lamp(s) for the space is crucial. A rough ballpark...

3'x2' Grow Space

3'x3' Grow Space

4'x3'+ Grow Space

If you have specifics on your grow area that would be helpful in determining the proper lamps for best coverage. The people at Pro-Grow will be able to help guide you to find the right lamp for your space, or ask Endive himself via his website or Youtube channel.

What Size Grow Area For a Pro-Grow X5-300 (LED light used in this journal)?

After growing with this LED grow light, Endive believes the Pro-Grow X5-300 is ideal for a small space - optimally about 3.75’ x 3’ x 6’ to grow 1 or 2 plants

This particular LED panel by Pro-Grow has a very narrow light range due to the focusing power of the X-lens technology. The optimal range under the light from this grow appears to be about 3’ x 2.5’ when the light is kept 18”-20” away, with a penetration of about 1 foot below the canopy.

Optimal light range: 3 feet x 2.5 feet - panel should be kept 18-24 inches from tops of plants and penetration reaches about a foot deep into the canopy directly under the light.

A view of the 3 cannabis plants under the Pro-Grow X5 LED grow light

Minimum Recommended Grow Space: 3’x3’x5’ (or possibly 2’x4’x5’, though with this size you’d be losing some prime lighting from the panel in the front/back, with extra unused area on the longer sides that aren’t getting much light)

Maximum Recommended Grow Space: 4’x4’x7’ would be the recommended maximum for this light panel. It’s important to note that in a 4’x4’x7’ tent, the parts of the tent outside the 3’ x 2.5’ optimal range may not receive enough light from this LED panel, and you would not be utilizing the full height of the tent since penetration is only about a foot deep into the plant canopy. To completely illuminate a 4'x4' grow tent, I recommend getting 2 of their 260X LED lights to get complete coverage over the whole area (while still taking advantage of their X-lens technology which is what I believe made this grow so impressive).

Endive believes this model of LED light would be best suited to just 1 or 2 plants, so you don’t end up with any plants in the back or along the outside edges of the light range that don’t get enough light (you’ll see that somewhat happened to his White Widow plant in the journal below).

Some growers prefer having a little extra room around the edges so it’s easier to work with the plants, but just know you should not expect significant budding outside the main 3’x2.5’ range under the X5-300 LED panel.

In the optimal light range, the light penetration produced colas about 8”-10” in the deepest part of the sea, tapering out to 3″-4″ deep on the lollipopped edges.

LED grow lights raised to maximum height because they were overbrightRegarding height, the panel itself is 4” tall and should have another 7” or so to accommodate for actually hanging the light and providing a few inches of air gap above the light for proper cooling (cooling is built in to the light, but it still needs a few inches of air above the light for the cooling to work properly). So that gives you about 1 foot of height needed for the actual hardware. As mentioned earlier, this model of LED grow light needs to be kept 18-24” from the tops of the plants

So you need a little less than 3 feet of height just for the light and the space to the top of the plants.

The plants from this journal were over a foot tall going into the flowering stage (they were a little over 2 feet tall from the floor to the tops of the plants, including the soil & smart pots) and ended up being about 3 feet tall from the floor to tops of plants by the end.

At harvest, that means there was a total height of just under 6 feet from the floor to the top of the LED panel. As always when growing cannabis plants, you never know exactly how much a plant is going to “stretch” when she goes into the flowering stage, so it’s always better to opt for more height if possible especially if you’re a new or inexperienced grower, because that gives you much more room in case things don’t go exactly as expected. For a trained hand, these plants could feasibly have been grown in a 5’ tall space.

You’ll see in this grow journal below that Endive barely trained my plants in the vegetative stage - they seem to have been sort of cast-offs that grew much faster than expected (and wildly out of control) when placed under the Pro-Grow X5. He believes he could have achieved more from this particular grow.

Endive didn’t have time to train the plants to grow short, and now that he knows more about this panel, he believes he may have gotten better yields with shorter plants if he had taken the time to properly train just one or two plants instead of stuffing the tent with 3 untrained plants - but considering this was his very first grow to test the power of the X5-300, I know Endive was very happy with the final yields given the hands-off approach he took during the grow!

Take a look at this fat Bubblelicious cola grown under the Pro-Grow X5-300

Huge cannabis cola grown under a 250W LED grow light - Strain is Bubblelicious



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