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Cannabis Grow Journals - Full Grows in Pictures

View several different cannabis grow journals, complete with pictures and commentary from beginning to end. Contact us if you would like to get your grow journal added!



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First Timer CFL Bubbleponics Grow - 5oz in 3 months

Quick Grow Snapshot

4 plants in a 2'x2' grow area, Max height 17"

Grow lights: 8 x CFLs
Grow Type: Top-Fed DWC Hydro System (Bubbleponics)
Total Time: 100 days (3 months, 9 days)
Final Harvest: 5 oz of premium BUD plus a lot of potent popcorn and trim for edibles

The colas of the four Papaya cannabis plants are fattening up every day



250W LED Grow Journal - 9.3 oz Harvest

Quick Grow Snapshot

3 plants in a grow area that measures 3.75’ x 3’ x 6’

Grow lights: 250W LED Grow Light
Grow Type: Soil in Smart pots
Total Time: 145 days (4 months, 23 days)
Final Harvest: 9.3 ounces of dense bud + 1.4 ounces of airy "popcorn" bud

Huge cannabis cola grown under a 250W LED grow light - Strain is Bubblelicious


600W Hydroponic Grow Journal - 23.09 oz Harvest!

Quick Grow Snapshot

2 plants in a 4'x4'x7' grow tent

Grow lights: 600W HID Grow Light
Grow Type: Top-Fed DWC Hydro System (Bubbleponics)
Total Time: 156 days (5 months, 3 days)
Final Harvest: 23.09 ounces of dense bud plus a few ounces of popcorn and trim

The grow tent just a few days before harvest



LED Grow Light Review May 2013 - Pro Grow 550 Journal with Pictures

Hello, please note that the Pro-Gro 550 light has been retired and replaced with the Pro-Grow 400X which uses a multi-lens system to get deeper canopy penetration with the same amount of power. So far the 400X has been beating the 550 in live growing tests! More info coming soon!



1st Grow in My Garage - Auto Northern Lights in Grow Box Under 400W HPS - 5.35 oz Harvest

Quick Grow Snapshot

3 plants in a 4' x 2.5' x 5' homemade grow box

Grow lights:

  • Vegetative: 6400k T5 Grow Light
  • Flowering: 400W HPS with digital ballast and air-cooled hood

Grow Type: Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil
Total Time: 85 days (2 months, 24 days)
Final Harvest: 5.35 oz

Take a look at the grow box im4potato built for his garage

A preview of the cannabis plants in this grow journal - just before harvest!



CFL Dresser Microgrow in Pictures - Clone to Harvest - 2.69oz

Quick Grow Snapshot

1 plant in DIY dresser grow box, cost less than $20/month

Grow lights: 8 x CFLs

  • Vegetative Stage: 8 x 23w CFLs
  • Flowering Stage: 6 x 23w CFLs + 2 x 68w CFLs

Grow Type: Soil
Total Time: 119 days (3 months, 28 days)
Final Harvest: 2.69 oz

Marijuana microgrow - Week 16 - Flowering Stage



~$200 CFL Microgrow - 1.02oz

To all you growers on a budget: It's possible!

1 plant in a Cabinet you could get from Ikea

Grow lights: Total of 218w of CFLs

  • 1 x 125w CFL 6500k bulb above
  • 4 x 23w CFLs 2700k on the sides

Grow Type: Soil + Perlite
Final Harvest: 1.02 oz

Mini cannabis plant just before harvest