You are hereWhat do I need to get started growing cannabis indoors?

What do I need to get started growing cannabis indoors?

The Cannabis Grower's Getting Started & Upgrading Guide

by Nebula Haze

What do I need to grow just a few plants?

It depends.

So before you decide what to put on your shopping list, you need to ask yourself the following questions:


  • What's my starting budget?

  • What's my monthly budget (for electricity, nutrients & other supplies)?

Grow Space

  • How big is the space?

  • Does it ever get hot or cold?

  • Is there access to fresh air?

  • Can I vent heat out a window?

  • Can I easily move water to and from my grow spot?


Security / Stealth

  • How private & secure is this space?


  • How much do I expect to produce as far as yields?

Now that you've got your answers, this grower's setup guide will help you figure out how to start your first grow the right way.

Learn exactly what you need to buy in order to start growing cannabis indoors out of a cupboard, closet or spare room. Get your supplies and start growing today!


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Lots of glittery purple cannabis buds


Choose your grow type...


Ultra Small, Cheap & Stealthy: DIY Space Bucket

My first Space Bucket - lid offSetup Cost: ~ $100

Maintenance Cost: $3-30/month - depends mostly on elecricity rates in your area and what nutrients you use. Learn more about electricity use in space buckets.

Grow Space: Portable, will work in almost any grow space

Setup Time: Weekend Project. 2-3 hours to set up space bucket, plus time spent getting materials. The trickiest part is making the holes in the plastic of the bucket, but if you have something like a Dremel it's a piece of cake.

Maintenance: up to 1-2 hours/week - water plants, adjust lights, mix nutrients, etc. It's generally recommended to check plants once/day to make sure fans are running and to gauge the heat.

Effort: Moderate

Stealth: Very High

Average Yield: up to 1 ounce per bucket every 3-4 months

Example of a Space Bucket in Action

Example of a DIY Space Bucket for growing marijuana

See marijuana plants in a space bucket - click for close up!

A Space Bucket Harvest
(Average yield is 20 grams to 1oz. You can produce up to 2oz with the skills of a bucket wizard)

Example of a Space Buckets Harvest - Auto White Widow

Get Started With Space Buckets!

Read complete tutorial on space buckets here:



Join the Space Bucket Community on Reddit!


Easy First Grow: Coco Coir & CFL Grow Lights

CFL bulbs (twisty bulbs) can be used to grow marijuanaSetup Cost: ~ $300

Maintenance Cost: $50/month

Grow Space: Suited to smaller spaces like a cupboard, closet, or small grow tent. Doesn't produce much heat when growing 1-2 plants.

Setup Time: 1-3 hours, plus time spent getting materials

Maintenance: 1-2 hours/week - water plants, adjust lights, mix nutrients, etc.

Effort: Easy

Stealth: High

Average Yield: 1 - 4 ounces per plant (up to 8 ounces per plant with skills) every 3-4 months

Example of Coco Coir and CFLs  in Action

White Rhino right before they were flipped to the 12-12 flowering light schedule. With CFLs, it's important to keep plants short and not lanky.

Picture of my first grow with CFLs

Picture of the top part of the plant harvested from my very first grow.


Get Started With Coco Coir & CFLs

Read complete tutorial on growing cannabis with coco coir and CFLs:



Go Pro with HIDs: MH/HPS Grow Lights

High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights (HPS) are the golden standard for growing marijuanaMetal Halide Grow Lights (MH) give off a wonderful light spectrum for marijuana's vegetative stageSetup Cost: ~ $400- $1000+

Maintenance Cost: $50-$100+/month (supplies, electricity, possibly AC)

Grow Space: Usually needs 5+ feet of height - suitable for a closet, grow tent or spare bedroom. The larger models get very hot and need a way to exhaust heat outside (usually an exhaust fan with ducting will blow the hot air out a nearby window or chimney).

Setup Time: 6-8 hours to set up, plus time spent getting materials

Maintenance: 1-2 hours/week - tend plants, mix nutrients, etc

Effort: Easy to Moderate (easy once everything is set up)

Stealth: Low to Medium (decent stealth as long as you cover up odors from all the plants and vent out heat properly; takes more room than most other grow methods)

Average Yield: 2 - 16+ ounces per plant

Example of Metal Halide (MH) Grow Lights  in Action
Used during the vegetative stage

2 Marijuana plants under a Metal Halide Light in a grow tent - vegetative stage

Example of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Lights  in Action
Used during the flowering/budding stage

Example of HPS lights in action - look at those huge nugs! Pic by ImJustHereForTheCats

Grow tent with HPS grow light & flowering marijuana plants inside

Diagram of Basic HID Setup in Grow Tent

How to Set Up Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Lights

View Step-By-Step Picture Tutorial on How to Set Up
Metal Halide(MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Lights

Read step-by-step tutorial on how to choose the right HID grow lights and set them up:

Example Setups:



Mad Scientist: LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are low heat, low electricity marijuana grow lights Setup Cost: ~ $400-1300+

Maintenance Cost: $20-100/month (electricity, supplies, etc)

Grow Space: Will work in most grow spaces

Setup Time: 1-3 hours, plus time spent getting materials

Maintenance: 1-2 hours/week - tend plants, mix nutrients, etc

Effort: Moderate to High (LEDs are a new technology with lots of new manufacturers and different models; therefore growing with LEDs requires more research & reading than traditional grow methods)

Stealth: Medium to High

Average Yield: 1 - 10+ ounces per plant


Example of LED Grow Lights  in Action

Cannabis plants grown under LED grow lights

6 Marijuana plants under 3 Blackstar LEDs - 2 x 240w and 1 x 500w

Pro-Grow 400X in action
Pro-Grow 400X LED grow light

Read about finding quality LED grow lights:







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