You are hereCFL Dresser Microgrow in Pictures - Clone to Harvest - 2.69oz

CFL Dresser Microgrow in Pictures - Clone to Harvest - 2.69oz

by Mind_if_I_do_a_J
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Quick Grow Snapshot

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Total Time - Seed to Harvest:
119 days (3 months, 28 days)

Final Yield
2.69 oz


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Cost: Roughly averaged $20 a month over 4 months. I have 2 pc fans on constantly and 1 desk type fan to keep air circulating and it also blows across the bulbs. Also a tower fan blowing in from outside to control temp on a timer with the lights.

Here's some weekly growth pictures. 

Vegetative Stage

Veg CFL lights: 18/6 schedule. 6500k. 184w.
Veg lights: 18/6 schedule. 6500k. 184w Total CFLs

Day 1 - New Clone
Marijuana microgrow - day 1 - just cloned - Vegetative Stage


1 week - Starting LST (low stress training)
Marijuana microgrow - Week 1 - started LST - Vegetative Stage


2 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 2  - Vegetative Stage


3 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 3 - Vegetative Stage


4 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 4 - Vegetative Stage


5 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 5 - Vegetative Stage


6 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 6 - Vegetative Stage


Flowering Stage

Flower CFL lights day 50: 12/12 schedule. 2700k. 274w.
Flower lights day 50: 12/12 schedule. 2700k. 274w Total CFLs

Day 50 - Switch to Flowering Light Cycle (12/12)

Marijuana microgrow - Week 7 - Start Flowering Stage - Day 50

8 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 8 - Flowering Stage


9 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 9 - Flowering Stage


10 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 10 - Flowering Stage


11 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 11 - Flowering Stage


12 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 12 - Flowering Stage


13 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 13 - Flowering Stage


14 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 14 - Flowering Stage


15 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 15 - Flowering Stage


16 weeks
Marijuana microgrow - Week 16 - Flowering Stage


17 weeks - Harvest
Marijuana Microgrow - Week 17 - Harvest


I was pretty diligent about keeping the canopy as even as I could and within a few inches from the CFL bulbs.

After the uproot, I let her hang upside down for a week to dry out nice and slow. There was a total of 38 branches so I just clipped them all off, piled them up and got down and dirty with the trim job that took about an hour.

The nugs varied in size between 1.5-2.5 grams each. Along with a bunch of popcorn buds, the total weight came to 76.4 grams. I expect to still lose a little more moisture weight but not much. I definitely made it my 2 oz goal this time.

Each of my grows have shown significant improvement. Take a look:

See My Past Dresser Microgrows

First grow
First Marijuana Microgrow


Second grow
Second Marijuana Microgrow


Third Grow
Third Marijuana Microgrow


Look upwards through the cannabis canopyHere's a link to my dresser grow box that was pretty inexpensive to make, and perfect for growing with CFLs.

I started with a 1/2 gallon sized pot, then transplanted to 2.5 and ended up in big 5 gallon pot. Using the old faithful Fox Farms Ocean Forest  soil mixed with some extra perlite.

Earth Juice: Verde Fire powder nutrients for grow and bloom added every other watering.

For training, I topped the clone after a couple days and leaned her to the side.

I topped all of those side shoots that came up, and then each of those new shoots again after a couple nodes.

Low stressed trained (LST'ed) the hell out of them, without supercropping, to grow out first and then upward.

Here's a nice shot of her legs.

Thanks GrowWeedEasy!



Verde Fire Grow powder nutrients for marijuana

Now It's Your Turn!

Make your own dresser microgrow setup just like Mind_if_I_do_a_J and start growing marijuana with CFLs today! 

Soil: Fox Farms Ocean Forest mixed with perlite

Nutrients: Verde Fire powder Grow and Bloom (used every other watering)

Note about nutrients: Mind_If_I_Do_A_J started using Verde Fire Grow at Week 3, since Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil already has been enriched with some nutrients.

Dresser Grow Box (See pictures of his setup here)



How He Did It...

by Mind_if_I_do_a_J (the author of today's article)

 "I know your site well, as a matter of fact,: I used advice and technique from Keef Treez to experiment with some defoliation myself. Here is a link that shows more training and lollipopping. And here, I just really like this shot. Check out these close up shots.

We're so glad to hear our website helped you grow such an awesome plant! Congrats!

-Nebula & Sirius