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PSA: Too Much Light?!

by Sirius Fourside

Cannabis plants love bright, direct sunlight

How to Use a Cheap Lux Meter to Increase Yields

by Nebula Haze

Note: This tutorial doesn't work for LEDs. A lux meter is only effective at measuring light levels for MH, HPS, CFLs, T5s, and fluorescent lighting. Unfortunately, a lux meter is not a good tool for measuring light levels of LED grow lights when it comes to growing cannabis.

Did you know you can get more out of your grow lights by measuring your light levels with a lux meter?

What makes dense buds?

by Nebula Haze

No More Small, Airy Buds!

Larfy small popcorn bud in hand

Grow Fat, Dense Buds!

Get the Right MH/HPS Grow Light!

by Nebula Haze

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CFL Grow Light Upgrade Guide

by Nebula Haze

Growing cannabis with CFL grow lights? Got a very short grow space?

CFLs are one of the only choices for growers with a very short, tiny grow space. If you have at least 2 feet of length and width, CFLs might not not be the best choice for you. Learn more about the strengths and weaknesses for different types of grow lights.

Cannabis Grow Light Upgrade Guide - Yields & Potency Explained

by Nebula Haze

A bag of colorful cannabis nugsThis article will teach you how to increase yields & potency of your home-grown cannabis without going crazy on your electricity bill!

250W LED Grow Journal - 9.3 oz Harvest

Quick Grow Snapshot

(This “Quick Grow Snapshot” was put together by's Nebula Haze based on an incredibly well-documented LED grow journal by our friend and fellow grower Endive)