You are hereHow to Grow Weed and Not Get Caught - Privacy comes first!

How to Grow Weed and Not Get Caught - Privacy comes first!

Safety Precautions when Growing Weed Indoors and Buying Marijuana Seeds online

Rule 1: Never tell anyone, not even your friends, that you've started growing! 

I know, I know, this is common sense, right?

But unfortunately it's not. Telling the wrong person is the number 1 most common reason growers get caught.

No, growers don't get usually caught because their seeds were intercepted, or because they were buying some hydroponic growing equipment.

Here's my "never get caught, ever, for growing weed" policy: You can never trust someone else as closely as yourself. 

That is why should never, ever tell a soul that you grow marijuana. No excuses.

If someone asks you where you got your weed, tell them you'd rather not talk about it and leave it at that.

Don't ever give hints that you know how to grow weed. If you encounter others who are talking about it, bite your lip and act dumb!

Rule 2: Be smart when getting marijuana seeds shipped. 

Here's a complete guide to privacy when getting marijuana seeds shipped to your house

Basically, don't get your marijuana seeds shipped to the house where you're going to grow your weed.

I think this rule is self-explanatory. Don't get marijuana seeds shipped to where you'll be growing your weed. 

Rule 3: Consider all sounds, smells, and light that come from your grow room.

Block all windows with light-proof fabric or curtains. The bright lights you use to grow marijuana are a dead give-away that someone is growing weed inside.

Lights can give off a hum, but usually it's water pumps that make the most sound when growing. If you have a roommate, or if you share a wall with a neighbor, you need to buy a better water pump or better light set that is dead quiet.

Remember, you will get used to the smell!

If you're venting air outside, control odors with a carbon scrubber. This is something that air passes through which will remove the odors before they go outside. If that's not enough, you'll need to start going crazy with the odor-control products. You'll often find some of the best ones at hydroponic stores. :)

Rule 4: Be smart about comings and goings to your home or grow area (especially with lots of growing supplies).

People are surprisingly nosy about what you're doing. Remember that.

If some bored neighbor is watching you, it's going to seem weird if you're going in and out of your house with pots, nutrients, big bags of soilless grow mix, etc, if you don't actually grow anything.

That's why one of the best covers for growing weed is growing a few other plants, whether it's flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc. I keep a few flower pots with random flowers on my front porch, and have a vegetable garden in the back, which is an ideal cover.

If that's not an option, then make sure you are not observed when you come and go with supplies. Night is best.

Rule 5: Sorry, no more guests.

You can't have guests over to your house. Many arrests have come from a random guest coming across a grow rooms by accident. 

If you're serious about privacy, no more guests inside your home until you build a secret passageway to an underground grow room.

Rule 6: Consider that helicopters with heat cameras can fly over your house.

If you have a large indoor garden, then you already know how hard it can be to control the heat. Controlling heat is good for your plants, but you also need to do it to avoid getting caught.

This is why growing weed with CFLs can be so appealing for the small-time grower. They barely give off any heat, but you can still produce a few ounces a month.

Rule 7: Use your common sense.

It's easy to get comfortable after a while if you've been growing weed for a long time.

It's important to remember that, while medical marijuana has been legalized in many areas, it is still considered illegal to grow marijuana in much of the world. 

Use the same amount of caution that you would use if your life depended on it.



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