You are hereSour Kush SCROG Pics @ 37 days in Flower

Sour Kush SCROG Pics @ 37 days in Flower


Using ScrOG and LST to grow high-yield marijuana plants - by ogkushog
 Learn how ogkushog produced this gorgeous sea of buds using the scrog technique

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The Power of SCROG - Using a Screen or Net to LST Your Plants Into A Horizontal Bed of Buds 

by ogkushog

The time I spend tending my plants really varies on where in the cycle the plants are.

The plants are vegged under low wattage fluorescent light for 3-5 weeks after the rooted clone stage before going under the 1000W light to veg for 21 more days.

These plants looked like this on their first day of 1000W veg, after a month of vegging under fluorescent light and being sculpted into that starting shape. 

Vegetative marijuana plants right before being put under the 1000W

If you look closely you can see a few strings already being used to LST them so that they fill the canopy.

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The first week of veg (under the 1000W light) there is minimal pruning and topping.

The next two weeks of veg are probably the most critical time (but not time-consuming) because that's what really ends up sculpting the plants into the final shape; any work after that just builds on what was done during this time.

I usually spend 30 minutes to an hour every other night during this time doing mostly topping and pruning but virtually no lollipopping. I do a little bit of supercropping but not nearly as harsh as other people, I just pinch a few of my favorite dominant colas late in veg to the point they get a nice knuckle on them and swell a lot.

This is what these plants looked like right after being put into flower at the end of their 21 days of veg under the 1000W. I topped them so many times I lost count.

Here are those same plants 21 days later after they've been trained with ScrOG and LST, this is right before they start flowering
Here are those same plants 21 days later, right before they get put into flower

The first two to three weeks of flower are probably the busiest for pruning and lollipopping and also pretty critical as this is when you take the framework you sculpted in veg and really get your final canopy shape dialed in. I'd say during this time I spend 1-2 hours per night just on pruning/lolipopping and rearrangement of colas.

During the fourth week of flower the time spent SCROGING tends to wind down when the colas' final stretch is nearly done.

Using ScrOG and LST to grow high-yield marijuana plants - by ogkushog
Sour Kush - Day 37 Flower - Plants done with final stetch, and now buds are just fattening up!

At this point if you stayed diligent pruning thus far then there is minimal pruning needed for the remainder of flower except for little tweaks here and there to the shape and removing smaller popcorn nugs beneath the canopy.

Grow Light: 1000W HPS

How Many Plants: 6 Plants

Expected Yields: Hopefully at least my average of 25 ounces. The best yield I ever had of 31 oz was on a tray of 4 Sour Kush and 2 Sour Diesel, and that was several years ago.

Uses CO2: Yes! I can't stress CO2 enough. If I didn't use CO2 my yields would definitely be below 20 oz. You can't see it in any of the pictures but the CO2 tank tube is fed into a small oscillating fan that is above the plants and bathes the entire canopy in CO2.

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The Bowl

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Tasty-looking bud grown by ogkushog, click for closeup!

Upskirt shot of a marijuana canopy

Gorgeous "upskirt" shot of marijuana canopy from underneath



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Get ready to start using LST in your garden and grow buds just like ogkushog!

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Grow Light: Get a trusted 1000W grow light

CO2: Learn about using CO2

LST Supplies and/or ScrOG Screen: 

Patience: If only you could buy this...


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