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Medical marijuana growing made easy! How-to tutorials with step-by-step instruction on how to grow cannabis.

Easy Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora Trio Guide

For many people, nutrients can be a pretty confusing topic. Not only are there tons of companies to wade through, but some companies have multiple nutrient lines, extra supplements, additives, etc. And once you’re through with that, you still have to figure out how much and how often to feed your plants.

Luckily, many of the major nutrient lines out today will grow great cannabis. However, some can empty your wallet and leave you with much more work than is needed!

How to Use a Cheap Lux Meter to Increase Yields

by Nebula Haze

Note: This tutorial doesn't work for LEDs. A lux meter is only effective at measuring light levels for MH, HPS, CFLs, T5s, and fluorescent lighting. Unfortunately, a lux meter is not a good tool for measuring light levels of LED grow lights when it comes to growing cannabis.

Did you know you can get more out of your grow lights by measuring your light levels with a lux meter?

LST - Low Stress Training

by Nebula Haze

Key Takeaway: You can use LST (Low Stress Training - a technique that gently bends plants) to create multiple colas. LST also allows you to force cannabis plants to grow into a shape and size you want - even if you only have a tiny grow space!

Example: All this bud is growing on a single 18" tall plant in someone's homemade grow box!
(this wouldn't be possible without LST/plant training)

LBH's Famous ScrOG Tutorial

by LBH - View original articles by LBH on Rollitup: 4 Way LST tutorial & ScrOG tutorial


Table of Contents

Organic Super Soil - Subcool Recipe (with step-by-step video by Subcool himself!)

This organic super soil tutorial was written by Nebula Haze using the original recipe & video tutorial for composting organic super soil by grower Subcool

Table of Contents

Why Super Soil for Growing Cannabis?

Pros & Cons of Growing with Super Soil