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Organic Super Soil - Subcool Recipe (with step-by-step video by Subcool himself!)

This organic super soil tutorial was written by Nebula Haze using the original recipe & video tutorial for composting organic super soil by grower Subcool

Table of Contents

Why Super Soil for Growing Cannabis?

Pros & Cons of Growing with Super Soil

Soil or Hydro?

by Nebula Haze

Which growing medium is right for your cannabis grow? Should you grow hydro, with soil, or a hydro-soil fusion (such as soilless potting mixes)? Which grow medium will produce the results you want?

Today, get a basic explanation of what to expect for each type of cannabis grow medium (including pros/cons, effect on yields, quality, etc)


Table of Contents

Soil vs Hydroponics

Today, we're going to discuss the difference between growing marijuana with soil or growing marijuana with hydroponics.


Where can I purchase coconut coir for growing marijuana?

Question: I was wondering where you purchase coconut coir and if you can provide me with a explanation of how to use it properly? Thanks. Love the site!!! 

Answer: I actually purchase nearly all my growing "ingredients" off for prices and convenience (two-day free shipping!).

Is the Topsy-Turvy a good way to grow cannabis?

The topsy-turvy is a growing system that is meant to suspend the plant upside down. Though the idea is novel for tomatoes, it hasn't been proven to make them grow any faster.

What is hydroponics and how does it relate to growing cannabis?

Hydroponics is the art of growing plants without soil. When most people think of growing marijuana hydroponically, they think of growing their plants with their roots suspended directly into water with absolutely no growing medium. However, this is only one type of hydroponic growing. There are several variations including growing your plant in a soilless medium such as perlite/coco coir and then watering your plants every day, which is not very different from growing in soil.

When talking about growing weed, what is a grow medium/growing medium?

A growth medium or grow medium is whatever it is that you're growing your cannabis in, whether that substance is soil, perlite, coco coir, rockwool, water, etc.

Your marijuana plant will thrive as long as the roots have room to grow and have consistent access to fresh water, oxygen, and the proper nutrients. There are a variety of ways to satisfy all these needs of a weed plant while growing.