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T5 vs CFLs: Fluorescent Grow Light Showdown

by Sirius Fourside

Close-up of a cool looking cfl...When stealth is a growers biggest concern, fluorescent grow lights are the undisputed king.

First grow problem - Edges of leaves are curling up?

Question: What do I do if the edges of my leaves are curling up?

Take a look

How do I get 2-4 CFL bulbs per plant, then put all those bulbs on a single timer?

Question:  How do I get 2-4 CFL bulbs per plant, then put all those bulbs on a single timer?

I want to start my first grow was with five plants and between 2-4 CFL bulbs per plant. I know each plant will need 2-4+ CFL bulbs by the time I reach the flowering stage, since marijuana plants need a lot of intense light during flowering to produce big yields. 

Selective Light Training (SLT)

Light Spectrum And Selective Light Training
by SuperAngryGuy

Published with permission.

How can I get outdoor plants to start flowering when days are still longer than 12 hours?


I have been growing outdoors but using extra light to keep them on a 24/0 schedule and will be flowering soon. I live in a warm climate, so I started them in wintertime. Right now spring is starting and days are getting longer.

The plants are an unknown Kush strain and are about 2 1/2 months old. I was hoping to flower them using just the sunlight, but I already have a 13 on / 11 off schedule, and by the end of their flowering it will be about 14.5 on and 9.5 off.

LED Grow Light Review May 2013 - Pro Grow 550 Journal with Pictures


Hello, please note that the Pro-Gro 550 light has been retired and replaced with the Pro-Grow 400X which uses a multi-lens system to get deeper canopy penetration with the same amount of power. So far the 400X has been beating the 550 in live growing tests! More info coming soon!

1st Grow in My Garage - Auto Northern Lights in Grow Box Under 400W HPS - 5.35 oz Harvest

by im4potato

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Quick Grow Snapshot

Growing Weed With CFLs - What Growers Need to Know

by Nebula Haze

In the past, we’ve covered how to grow train your plants to grow short and how you can maximize your space when choosing an auto-flowering or photoperiod strain, I’d like to share some tips for growing with the cheapest marijuana grow lights that fit in extremely small spaces... CFLs!

What are CFLs?

Grow lighting: HPS or CFL?


I am not sure what kind of grow lighting I should get. I plan on growing 2 plants but I am on a tight budget and have a very small grow space (only 32" high). I've heard you can grow plants in very small spaces like a computer case, so this cupboard should be big enough.

I thought a 150w HPS grow light would be a bit big/hot for my space, so I'm thinking about going with CFLs instead. What do you recommend?

What is 12-1 lighting?

What does 12-1 lighting mean, and how does it affect your marijuana yields?

The article explains it in full detail what 12-1 lighting means in regards to growing weed: