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Can Sulphur Plasma Grow Lights Be Used to Grow Marijuana?

Please note that this review was written in 2010. Visit the current grow lights page for the most recent information on marijuana grow lights.


What Do I Need to Know About the Effects of Color Spectrum on Growing Marijuana

Cannabis Grow Lights and the Effect of Color Spectrum on Growing

First things first, don't worry too much about the color spectrum of your marijuana grow lights until you already have a pretty good handle on how growing works!

What do I look for with CFLs as far as wattage, lumens, and kelvin? What's the difference? Which CFLs work best for growing marijuana?

  • What do I look for with CFLs as far as wattage, lumens, and kelvin?
  • What's the difference?
  • Which CFLs work best for growing marijuana?
  • Why do some CFL'S have a higher wattage and lower Kelvin and some a lower wattage and higher kelvin?
  • What are the pros & cons of higher Watts & Lower Kelvin vs. low Watts & Higher Kelvin?

Cannabis Light Periods - What do I need to know about marijuana light cycles? (length of sunlight hours each day)

by Nebula Haze

If you're growing a cannabis plant grown from a random seed ("bagseed"), unless you somehow have an auto-flowering seed, you will need to understand about cannabis life stages and how they are affected by light periods.

If you don't understand light periods, your plant may never start making buds! The light schedule experienced by your plant will actually change its life stage. Learn more...

Cannbis plants have two life stages.

How to flower marijuana plant?

Question: Need help with single marijuana plant growing in closet with just two small Walmart grow lights, mirror, foil,.and fish tank air pump. They're looking good at a month, but now I want them to flower. What do i need?

Answer: Change the lights to only be on for 12 hours a day, with 12 hours of total, uninterrupted darkness when the lights are off. That's it! Happy growing! 

-Sirius Fourside



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How much taller will a cannabis plant grow after being changed to the flowering stage?

How much taller will your cannabis plant grow after being put into the flowering stage?

Cannabis will generally double its height after the lights are changed over to 12-12 (12 hours light, 12 hours darkness) which signals the beginning of the flowering stage. Some cannabis strains, especially sativa-dominant strains, can triple in height or more during the flowering stage. Some indica cannabis strains may not get much taller at all during the flowering stage, and may instead just get bushier.

Cannabis Light Schedules: What You Need to Know

by Nebula Haze

Cannabis is a "photoperiod" plant, which means the amount of light received each day decides when the plant starts flowering or making buds.

This article will tell you exactly how much light a day your photoperiod cannabis plants need to grow and start budding, so you get to a happy harvest day. What about auto-flowering strains?

The Life of a Cannabis Plant