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Auto-Flowering Strains

Auto-flowering Grow Journal - 6.7 oz under 250W HPS!

by Nebula Haze

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Which Strain Breeders Can I Trust?

by Nebula Haze

Interested in getting a best-of-the-best cannabis strain for your next grow? One of the best ways to ensure that you get great genetics is to start with a great breeder. This article shares some of the most famous and reputable cannabis breeders we’ve worked with.

This list considers...

  • Potency - THC & CBD content, plus does it have the described effects?

  • Bag Appeal - bud structure, color, density, smell

1st Grow in My Garage - Auto Northern Lights in Grow Box Under 400W HPS - 5.35 oz Harvest

by im4potato

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Quick Grow Snapshot

What are the best marijuana strains for beginners?

What Medical Marijuana Strain is Right For Me?

by Nebula Haze

These happy marijuana buds show the power of good air ventilation in your grow roomJump straight to...

Super croping auto flowering plants and ScrOG

Question: I enjoyed your article on supercropping, and plan on using your suggestions on my next attempt. Do you think the technique would work on an auto plant? I have one seed I want to try that is supposed to be done in 60 days, and of course I want max results. I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. Do you have anything on scrog methods? Can you supercrop then scrog? Anyway, I'm happy I found your site!

Are auto-flowering seeds worth it?

Q: I screwed up and ordered autoflowering seeds, is it a waste of time? This is my first serious grow... and I ordered northern lights autoflower and short rider, which seems like its an autoflower.

A: While there's nothing wrong with auto-flowering strains, it's important to get the strain you want. If you just ordered today, try emailing/calling the seed bank and tell them what happened.

Best light schedule for auto-flowering strains?

by Nebula Haze

Cannabis strains have two main stages of life, the vegetative (first) stage, and the flowering (second) stage. Think of them as the "children" and "adult" stages of marijuana growth.

Most strains of marijuana (photoperiod strains) rely on the amount of light, or their light schedule, to determine when to start making buds. Generally, if a marijuana plant receives 14 hours of light a day or more, it will stay in the vegetative stage (it will focus more on growing leaves and stems without any buds).