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Common Questions

5 Secrets to Growing Top-Shelf Bud

by Sirius Fourside

A bunch of beautiful buds.Have you ever had cannabis that was so? Mediocre? Just okay? Cannabis that’s ‘just alright’?

Pictures of marijuana symptoms caused by over-watering, too much heat, and small containers

by Nebula Haze

Here's a series of pictures of a couple marijuana clones I had a few years ago.

I was experimenting with growing an entire plant from clone to harvest in a solo cup, which is why you can see flowering plants in such small containers. Each of these were flowered as soon as the clones took root. This technique is often called "Flowering from seed" or "12-12 from seed" and just means that you force the plant to start flowering at a very young age. I wanted to see how small I could get flowering plants.

7 Common New Grower Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The current (undeserved, in my opinion) legal status of marijuana makes it so that many new growers end up learning some hard lessons on their own.

Often we see pictures of plants that are getting cared for by their owners; some pictures immediately let us know that the owner is missing a vital piece of plant care knowledge that would totally solve their problem!

I Need Help With Nutrients!

Unlike humans with our complicated social systems, dietary needs, etc., the cannabis plant has a very short list of things it needs to be happy and grow buds: Light, water, air and nutrients.

Light is the easy one since more light is usually better for your plants.

Water isn’t much trouble since any clean water from pretty much any source will do as long as the pH is corrected.

Air is free and you can move it around with a cheap oscillating fan…easy!

Top 7 Most Common Growing "Myths"

by Sirius Fourside

Some guy on an internet forum learned a super secret trick from his neighbor's cousin who is a master grower...

All you have to do is crumble 3 goldfish crackers per gallon of water into your nutrients every other feeding. The crackers use a wheat compound that’s hard to obtain for non-commercial use, and it makes buds grow up to 20% larger!

Does that sound crazy? Good! Because it IS crazy!

First grow problem - Edges of leaves are curling up?

Question: What do I do if the edges of my leaves are curling up?

Take a look

How tall will my plant grow? And how long will it take?

Question: How tall should I expect my marijuana plants to get? And how long does it take until harvest?

  • How long will it take? 

  • How tall will it grow?

Get the answers below!

Step-by-Step Picture Guide to Cloning Marijuana

by Nebula Haze

Cloning cannabis is the process of making a smaller copy a specific cannabis plant. This copy has the exact same genes as the first plant. Growers can take many clones of a single plant, and this is an effective way to get many tiny plants that will grow the same way  as the mother plant and produce buds with similar characteristics. 

Cloning is one of the easiest and fastest forms of "making new plants" available to cannabis growers. 

Cloning Cannabis

When do I harvest my marijuana?

by Nebula Haze

Table of Contents

Intro: What You Need

1st Harvest Method: Look at Buds

2nd Harvest Method: Look at Buds Under a Magnifier

Summary: Tips & Hints


When should I harvest the buds from my cannabis plant? That is the eternal question...