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Medical Marijuana & Symptoms

Topics related to using marijuana for medical uses, or to relieve specific symptoms.

How to Make Medical Cannabis Extract Oil

by Nebula Haze - "How to Make Rick Simpson Oil" video uploaded by T.H. Hunt DNM


Table of Contents

How to make cannabis extracts

How to extract...

Hash - Dry ice & bubble bag method

Hash - Ice water & bubble bags method

Hash - Gumby Hash method

Best marijuana strain for anxiety?

by Nebula Haze

What is the best medical marijuana strain for anxiety? Some strains I've tried in the past seem to help, while others make it worse. Are there any strains I should avoid?

What are the best marijuana strains for beginners?

What Medical Marijuana Strain is Right For Me?

by Nebula Haze

These happy marijuana buds show the power of good air ventilation in your grow roomJump straight to...